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Making events safer

Receiving updates from all checkpoints simultaneously in real-time means you know which teams were last seen when and where, or more importantly which teams haven't been seen for some time!

Monitor on the move

Designed for use on any mobile device, using Checkpoint Live means you can be on the move and still monitor the event.

Need to be flexible during the event? Add new checkpoints for transports or ad-hoc locations and everyone connected to the event will be updated.

Improving communication

Gone are the days of mishearing via radio or misinterpreting handwriting. Inputs are made by individuals at the checkpoint and distributed to everyone in a readable format, in real-time.

With a chat-room included for every event you can contact all of your checkpoint marshals and they can contact you, clearly and transparently; no contact information required.

What is Checkpoint Live?

Checkpoint Live is a real time management platform for events with checkpoints or bases.

Initially developed for the Scout and Guide communities we created Checkpoint Live to make our event's safer and easier to administrate. Those beginnings formed into the Checkpoint Live service and now it can be used by any event with manned checkpoints/bases.

Checkpoint Live is for the leaders or marshals, not the participants themselves. It connects event staff via the website to collect and collate sightings of participants in real time so you know who has been seen when and where. With the added ability to record any scores taken at that location.

Importantly it removes the data entry by the event's admin team and allows them monitor the event on their mobile devices, allowing them to go see the event they enabled! But if you do rely on spreadsheets, data can even be copied as a table into Microsoft Excel™.

Admin screen showing logs collated and a map showing the location a log was recorded

How does it work?

Checkpoint Live utilises mobile devices and the cloud to connect you to your event staff.

Utilising the smallest amount of internet bandwidth Checkpoint Live keeps all of your event staff in sync with the admin team co-ordinating the event.

Collecting and collating information via the website your event staff provide you and the admin team with all of the information clearly, concisely and on time. Not only when someone goes to collect the information or when a radio signal gets through.

Diagram of Checkpoint Live communicationsDiagram showing how checkpoints communicate with checkpoint live to inform the admins for the event which teams have been seen.

What if I have intermittent mobile reception?

Being out in the countyside means there is no guarantee of mobile reception. While this situation is improving and some connectivity is required, Checkpoint Live was built from the ground up to handle your device going offline without affecting your experience.

We are utilising the very latest technologies to enable you to continue to log team sightings despite intermittent data reception.

1 Checkpoint Live log = 500 bytes

That's 0.0005 Megabytes.

The slowest mobile internet speed in the UK transfers 7000 bytes per second.

As used by

As used by Operation Founder, Tonbridge District Scouts
Diana Allen, Operation Founder:
Diana Allen @ Admin HQ
I used to input all of the data into a spreadsheet, i'm out of a job... not that I mind!
26th Feb 2017

New features


You can now add your own logos to your event page to give it that personal feel.

Brand your event, image of branding within the event created by you in Checkpoint Live.

Event messaging

With many people often required to run an event being able to contact each other is essential. When we went to users for feedback this was the first feature they asked for and we are happy to say that it is now here, no phone numbers or email address required. Transparent messaging to the whole event.

Messages page from an event in checkpoint live, showing a discussion between checkpoints.

Improved event administration tools

Along with all of the raw logs coming in from checkpoints, checkpoint live will update a last seen (least recent at the top) and leaderboard tabs for admin users. Admin users can also access the event summary page from the admin HQ area of the event, this will allow all of the admin team to see all of the information relating to the checkpoints.

Last seen teams tab of the admin section of a Checkpoint Live event Leaderboard tab of the admin section of a Checkpoint Live event
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Log off route entries

This will allow your event users to log when they see a team, even if they are not due to participate at that checkpoint yet. This is useful from a safety perspective as every team sighting is recorded.

Automate time entry

Turning this on will remove the need for users to enter time information into the website when recording a log entry. Instead the time in and out of the checkpoint is set as to the time that the submit log button is pressed. This is useful for quicker submission of logs.

Live feed to a tracking server

Turning this on will enable a live feed of locations to be sent to a tracking server whenever a log is recorded; this remains at the user's discretion to enable location services on their device and only applies to checkpoints which have 'record location with log' turned on below.

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