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£0.50 per person or team tracked

That's it, as simple as joining the dots.

Optional extras

Location tracking

+ £5

And know exactly where a participant or team were sighted

In addition to the core Checkpoint Live features, turning on location tracking for checkpoints will include the location of the device recording the sighting of participants via the GPS on the user's device.

This better enables mobile/moving checkpoints.

If you own a server capable of accepting the OsmAnd protocol then checkpoint live can send these locations onto your server to be viewed alongside your other tracking devices.

Long term storage

+ £2

And know your event's data will be safe and available for 12 months

Ordinarily, is stored for 7 days after the event but this will give you access to all of the data for another 12 months.

VIP package

For large or repeat events or if you would like customisations or special support

If you run events frequently or have an event with greater than 100 participants/teams to be tracked please get in touch for a customised package and increased support.

We are also able to provide special customations, please contact us and together we can make it happen.